Curse of Strahd


Flint Tarunn arrived in the city of Phlan upon hearing word from his mentor, Father Gregario, that there was an undead presence in the region. Flint investigated, and from interviewing several townspeople, surmised that spectral forces were emerging from the infamous Citadel of the Raven, west along the Dragonspine Mountains. After viewing a festival dedicated to a local Dwarven Hero, Flint determined to find a place to stay for the evening before setting out on his journey. Bedding down for the night, Flint expected his sleep to be a peaceful and restful one. But The Mists of Ravenloft had other plans for him…

Finding himself in a vivid dream encountering spectral visions of his mother, father and mentor, he stumbled through an eerie, encroaching, almost-alive fog and found that was sleepwalking the whole time. He also discovered that he had no idea where he was — he looked around and determined he was now in a clearing with a swift running brook, which, upon following it, took him to the shores of Lake Barovia. There, he observed a man in a boat take a large sack and toss it nonchalantly into the dark waters of the lake. Not wishing to intercede in potentially foul play, Flint made his way around the lake to the northern gate of the town of Vallaki where he found the gates open and unguarded. He entered the town to a scene of horror — a huge tiger with sword-like fangs was attacking the townspeople. Only a few remained, and the tiger itself seemed gravely wounded. Flint, seeing that the town was in trouble, decided to intervene. Lashing out with his holy powers, he attracted the tiger’s attention in time for the remaining guards, along with Izek Strazni to defeat the animal. Although it seemed that the reward for assisting the town might be a positive one, Flint was dismayed to find that Baron Vargas Vallakovich was anything but welcoming considering his current relationship with the party and their meddling in his affairs. He sicced Izek on Flint and chased him out of town. Flint saw our intrepid crew also leaving at a quick pace and decided to join them, after Leowen used her new found powers to stall Izek and send him withering back to the gates of Vallaki. Making swift introductions, Flint thought to himself that this new group of adventurers seemed a good group to stick with.

Travelling along the Old Svalich Road in the dead of night, the group was torn as to which direction to go in. Should they go to Krezk where the supposed holy power in the Abbey of Saint Markovia could provide sanctuary for Ireena Kolyana? Or should they head to Berez, a village supposedly decimated by Strahd’s evil power and only spoken about in whispers, to find the hidden holy artifact that Madam Eva spoke of? Or should they take Rudolph Van Richten’s advice and seek protection at his tower? Or perhaps, should they go to The Wizard of Wines Winery, where it was told by Urwin Martikov to Leowen that the good-aligned Wereravens that made up the Keepers of the Feather were supposedly in trouble? A decision was made to rest at the tower nearby and gain strength in the morning to go to Krezk.

The tower seemed inhabited, as there was a brightly colored wagon parked in the field just outside the tower door. While investigating the tower’s door, Albreth, AKA “Al” the Weasel stumbled into the tower’s mystic lightning shield protection and was immediately blown into bone flinders. However, Leowen determined that the door insignia was actually a puzzle and solved it with the help of her peers, allowing entrance to the tower. As the party entered the decrepit tower, Gae-al Thuliaga‘s curiosity got the better of him and he opened the wagon’s back door hatch, unleashing an explosive trap which caused a massive fireball to erupt from the wagon, instantly killing Gae-el.

The force from the blast rocked the tower causing fragments of granite and dust to tumble into the tower’s interior. The sound from the huge explosion echoed through the valley. Shortly after, almost in response, the sound of howling wolves could be heard from miles away….



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