The Tattoo

Though Leowen be her name tis not her eyes
That shine from darkness deep within her soul
She calls to one who speaks but in disguise
On every day much harder to control
A deal was struck and leowen played her part
As one of two and yet not one could see
For time must come to pierce the very heart

One has paid the fee.

Returned again from wreaths of mist and Hate
The wolf no longer tethered to his soul
The warrior now has picked a worser Fate
Alive now only to achieve his goal
His life from death still owing to that gift
He must return to those which made the pact
The sleeping gods awaiting in the rift
Beneath the temple laced with amber crackd

He findeth that which dareth not be named
But short in stature faith is his true might
Though forlorn spirits clutch for what is claimed
His boon shall come from that which giveth Light
His soul is changed upon a brace with death
His crimson hair now made a crown of ice
His shame replete from those he could not save
His purpose now to save the land from vice.

A child obsessed with those that choose to roam
Her eyes bereft of rest of troubled dreams
Her clan outfacing her to flee her home
The light of safety hidden where it gleams
Her past enshrouded like the Mists that flow
Around the land in which her people dwelt aside
And if she comes to know her life in truth
It may be that she wished it were not so

A silver spectre, champion of the light
A man no longer, fueled from fire within
His path is joined with those who war with Night
His heart beats not, yet breaks for all his kin
He rageth righteously with arcane skill
To break the bonds imposed on him by Fate
But if he cannot truly leash his will
His destiny shall be to drown in Hate

Upon his heart within the castle dire
In ravaged lands of Hatred Love and Loss
Consumed by time as it were a fire
A warding line to which he cannot cross
He sees her lined by moon and lightning bright
Upon the cliff that bears his mother’s name
She leaps and falls into the mist
Ending her life but not her sad souls pain
But now on earth as vampire is he sent
A ghastly haunt to all thy native place
His corpse shall from its tomb apart be rent:
And drink the living blood of all thy race

The Tattoo

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