Male Aarakocra Monk


Male Aarakocra wearing an exaggerated plague mask. Wore black robes to hide his true shape, but as time went on, began to wear more colorful items.


DECEASED – infested with a Ghrom and his skeleton used for its evil purposes.

Born in a strange land where aarakocra had kings and ruled lands instead of just having families and nests. Aike was abandoned at a young age for being the black sheep of the bunch, his feathers were black instead of the royal family’s white feathers. As being abandoned by his royal blood, he considers his last name to be a curse. While being kicked out of the castle, he wasn’t kicked out of their lands. He was immediately accepted into a local orphanage. Whether the royal family knew the secret of the orphanage is unknown, but Aike certainly had no clue. The Rescued Feathers orphanage was made to train assassins from a young age, so they could become numb quickly. The chicks of the brutal training got tired of being put in pit matches to appease the underground wealth. They planned a riot, an escape from their hell. While the plan was almost done the orphanage elder saw their plan coming from a mile away, and immediately put a stop to it. Little did the elder know that was part of their plan, he expected them to sneak out but they all rushed him, stole his weapons and ran away. All Aike got was a journal documenting how he taught the young assassins. Thieving didn’t make Aike happy, he hated stealing from those who needed their own coin, but the young aarakocra just kept telling himself ‘worth more to me than them’, and other generic coping quotes from the elder’s journal. One day he realized he was following in the elder’s footsteps, and decided to make a better life for himself so he set off for a new better life.


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