Baroness Lydia Petrovna

Wife of the Burgomaster of Vallaki




At the risk of sacrificing her sanity, the baron’s wife, Lydia Petrovna (LG female human commoner), has embraced her husband’s philosophy of happiness. She laughs at the baron’s every comment, to the extent that it has become a nervous reflex, and she tries to spread good cheer by throwing daily tea-and sandwich parties in the parlor for her “dearest friends,” many of them poor folk who tolerate the baroness only because they crave something warm to eat and drink. Lydia is a gods-fearing woman and the younger sister of the-town priest, Father Lucian Petrovich. She is a descendant of Tasha Petrovna, a priest entombed in Castle Ravenloft (chapter 4, area K84, crypt 11)

Baroness Lydia Petrovna

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