Davian Martikov

Wereraven and owner of the Wizard of Wines Winery


Although crooked and old, Davian Martikov has not lost any of his wits and is the driving force behind the Martikov family’s attempt to rid the land of Strahd’s influence. He is the elder brother of Urwin Martikov and owner of The Wizard of Wines winery south of Krezk. His son, two daughters, as well as their extended families, have restarted work after the PCs recaptured the Winery destroying the evil presence of evil druids that worshipped Strahd himself as a god. Davian pleads with the PCs to find the missing seed gems to restore the flow of wine to both Krezk and Vallaki. The PCs have returned one of the two to him and his family.


Davian Martikov

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