Ezmerelda D'Avenir

Vistani Monster Hunter and protege of Van Richten


Deceased - Ezmerelda is a tall, raven-haired female, with piercing brown eyes and a prosthetic wooden right leg. She wields a rapier and hand axe in battle and also uses her keen wit and abilities as a Vistani to their fullest.


Ezmerelda, a Vistana, is the protege of Rudolph Van Richten. After an undisclosed period of time, Ezmerelda detached from Van Richten and set off on her own. While in the company of a Vistani caravan, Ezmerelda heard a rumor that Rudolph van Richten had gone to Barovia to slay the most powerful vampire of them all. She decided that he might need help and traveled for months to reach Strahd Von Zarovich‘s domain. She rode her wagon to Vallaki and learned about an old tower that seemed the sort of place van Richten would use as a base. When she arrived there, she found some of van Richten’s belongings, but of the vampire hunter there was no sign. Although she is anxious to learn the whereabouts of her mentor, she is also eager to earn his trust and respect. To that end, she has been poring over van Richten’s research and learning about Strahd and Castle Ravenloft, with every intention of dispatching the vampire herself. Reuniting with Van Richten, she has captured Baba Lysaga, once the nursemaid of Strahd himself, in order to gain information to obtain a strategic advantage and reveal his vulnerabilities.

Ezmerelda D'Avenir

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