Gadof Blinsky

Toymaker of Vallaki


Blinsky is a heavyset man who wears a moth-eaten jester’s cap during store hours, more out of habit than to humor visitors.

When he meets new customers, Blinsky recites a well-rehearsed greeting: “Wyelcome, friends, to the House of Blinsky, when hyappiness and smiles can be bought at bargain prices… Perhaps you know a leetle child in need of joy? A leetle toy for a girl or boy?”


Vallaki’s toymaker, Gadof Blinsky (CG male human commoner), calls himself “a wizard of tiny wonders,” but he has been consumed by despair lately because no one seems to like him or want his toys. His fascination for eerie playthings causes most other locals to avoid him. The burgomaster enables Blinsky to stay in business by giving him a couple of gold pieces a month to make festival decorations. He has also hired on Mahel, a newcomer to town to help with the work.

In the past six months, the only paying customer who has set foot in the store is a visitor from a faraway land named Rictavio, who came in two weeks ago and bought a stuffed Vistana doll. Realizing that the toymaker was lonely, Rictavio gave Blinsky his pet monkey, Piccolo. Overjoyed, Blinsky has begun training the monkey to fetch toys from hard-to reach shelves. The toymaker has also fitted Piccolo with a custom-tailored ballerina tutu.

Blinsky believes the burgomaster is right-that the only way to escape from Barovia is to make everyone in town, “hyappy.” Blinsky would like to do his part by making sure that all the children in Barovia have fun toys…

Gadof Blinsky

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