Ismark "the Lesser" Kolyanovich

Son of Burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich of Barovia


Ismark isn’t a typically dour Barovian. Other villagers call him “lsmark the Lesser” because he has lived in the shadow of his father for most of his life.


Since the attacks on his sister began, he suspects that, for some unknown reason, Strahd Von Zarovich is attracted to Ireena Kolyana and desires her above all others. Ismark has spent most of his adult life training with weapons in the hope of one day confronting and killing Strahd Von Zarovich. Ismark accompanies the party, provided that Ireena is first taken to a place of safety such as Vallaki or the Abbey of Saint Markovia in Krezk. Arriving in Krezk, Ismark is shaken by the events that occur with his sister at the Shrine of the White Sun, finally coming to understand that his sister has a very old soul, one which has a secret purpose and special value to Strahd. Through his enconters with the party, Ismark has contracted Lycanthropy, which has been counteracted through the ingestion of belladonna. However, his use of the deadly herb had forced him into a self-induced coma. For a time, he lay unconscious at the Wizard of Wines but had revived, transformed into a werewolf and escaping to the north. Mahel and Ulfrik found him challenging the leader of the The Children of Mother Night but was unable to transform. He followed the PCs back to Krezk and then to Castle Ravenloft itself, hitching a ride on the back of the count’s carriage. However, when Ulfrik and Mahel arrived at the castle, they saw that the back of the carriage was empty…

Ismark "the Lesser" Kolyanovich

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