Kasimir Velikov

Leader of the Dusk Elves in Barovia


Kasimir is a tall, dusky skinned elf, wearing a grimace and a long leather cloak and hood at all times. Upon revealing himself to the party, it was found that the bottom portion of his elf-like ears are missing. After making the deal with the Vestige of Zhudun, the Corpse Star, Velikov now appears withered and rotten, his once pristine skin now creased and stretched tight over his body.


Kasimir Velikov is the leader of the dusk elves. Kasimir, a mutiliated and grief-stricken dusk elf, has been trapped in Barovia for centuries. His people were on the verge of being annihilated by Strahd’s armies when they surrendered. Strahd left the few survivors to
the mercy of the Vistani, who bore them to the valley of Barovia, where they have lived ever since. As punishment for this uprising, however, Strahd butchered all the women in the dusk elf tribe, (including Kasimir’s sister, and the bottom portion of Kasimir’s ears were cut off to punish him for leading this insurrection. Kasimir confesses that he is burdened by dreams sent to him by his dead sister, Patrina Velikovna, whose spirit has languished in the catacombs below Castle Ravenloft for centuries. Kasimir yearns not only to free her but also to restore her to life. Kasimir tells Leowen about the Amber Temple – a repository of evil power guarded by the forces of good. Kasimir informs her that the secret to freeing Barovia from its curse might be hidden there. However, Kasimir’s main objective is to find something there that he can use to bring Patrina back from the dead. He met the PCs again in Amber Temple, after treacherously stealing The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind to be used as a bargaining chip to bring back his sister from the dead. He now possesses that power, and has paid the price for it.

Kasimir Velikov

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