Barovian Hag and purveyor of Dream Pastries


DECEASED – The characters confronted her and her daughters at the mill, slew them and freed the children stolen by the three hags, realizing with horror that the main ingredient of the pastries was bone powder from the remains of captured and devoured children.


Morgantha is a night hag in the guise of an old woman. She and her daughters, Offalia Wormwiggle and Bella Sunbane, sell their Dream Pastries made at Old Bonegrinder to the Village of Barovia‘s inhabitants. Morgantha was seen by the party going from house to house, knocking on doors. When someone did, Morgantha peddled her wares, offering customers an escape from the misery and despair of everyday Barovian life through the dark magic of her Dream Pastries. The characters shadowed her for a while, and saw that she collected payment from one household in the form of a seven-year-old boy who she proceeded to stuff him in a sack, strap down to her peddler’s cart, and casually made her way back to Old Bonegrinder.


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