Pidlwick II AKA Murderbot

Creepy little construct found in Castle Ravenloft


Something lurks among the rafters-a small, spindly man not much larger than a child. A flash of lightning illuminates his face, which is painted like a grinning jack-o’-lantern. It’s obvious that you’re looking not at a small man, but a mockery of one. This thing is not a creature of flesh and bone, but a construct made of dyed leather stitched and tightly wrapped over an articulated frame. You hear the soft tumbling and clicking of gears.


Deceased: – Pidlwick II was encountered by Marek in the spire of Castle Ravenloft. Pidlwick could not speak, write, or read. He could only gesture to make his intentions known. He befriended and enticed Marek, Emil and Vilnius and then, when Marek attempted to attack the Heart of Sorrow, Pidlwick betrayed and attempted to murder them with poisonous darts from a tube hidden inside his mouth. He was blown into smithereens by Vilnius’s magic missile.

Pidlwick II AKA Murderbot

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