Strahd's manservant and right hand man


Deceased – Rahadin was killed by the party delivering the invitation to Strahd’s wedding to Ireena Kolyana.

Rahadin, the dusk elf chamberlain of Castle Ravenloft, has served Strahd’s family faithfully for nearly five hundred years. He is Strahd’s eternal servant, a longtime comrade-in-arms, and a ruthless warrior who has killed thousands in his lifetime. So dreadful a creature is Rahadin that anyone who stands within 10 feet of him can hear the howling screams of the countless men and women he has killed in his lifetime. Rahadin can’t hear them, nor would he be haunted by them if he could. The only thing he cares about is Strahd von Zarovich, for whom he would gladly give his life.



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