Rudolph Van Richten

legendary vampire hunter and academic


An older gentleman, Van Richten is still a crafty and resilient opponent. He has may years of training and experience under his belt hunting the undead, and uses this to his advantage against his bitter foes.


Originally appearing as a half-elf bard calling himself Rictavio, Van Richten was staying at the Blue Water Inn for almost a month, taking advantage of Urwin Martikov‘s generosity and good nature. Van Richten unveiled his disguide and saved the PCs by helping to vanquish vampire spawn attacking them, then conspiring to aid in their escape by setting free his Saber-Toothed Tiger. He then advised them to go to his tower, which he had used as a base of operations until his protege, Ezmerelda D’Avenir co-opted the space. With the help of D’Avenir, he captured Baba Lysaga and brought her back to his tower to hopefully gain some sort of strategic advantage over Strahd. Later, when the PCs ventured back to his tower, they saw that his abode was ransacked and that he had disappeared, along with Ezmerelda and Baba Lysaga. When Mahel and Ulfrik ventured into the evil of Castle Ravenloft itself, they found Van Richten held captive by Lysaga and her coven….

Rudolph Van Richten

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