Church of Saint Andral


This church is dedicated to the Morninglord and named after Saint Andral, whose bones once rested under the altar. Saint Andral’s crypt is a 10-foot-square, 5-foot high chamber beneath the chapel.

Until recently, the church was protected from Strahd’s depredations by the bones of Saint Andral, which were sealed in a crypt beneath the church’s main altar. But now the church is at risk because someone broke into the crypt a few nights ago and stole the bones. Until recently, Father Lucian Petrovich was the only person in Vallaki who knew about the bones, but he recalls mentioning them to Yeska over a month ago to put the fearful boy at ease. After the bones were stolen, Father Lucian asked Yeska if he told anyone else about the bones. The boy nodded but wouldn’t divulge a name. The culprit was Milivoj, whom Father Lucian correctly suspected. But the priest was reluctant to confront Milivoj because the lad is so temperamental. Father Lucian did not reported the theft for fear of the distress this might cause and he doesn’t want to ruin the burgomaster’s festival.

The theft of the bones left the church vulnerable to attack by Strahd’s minions. Now, however, the bones are returned to their resting place, and Saint Andral’s church once again becomes hallowed ground, as though the building was protected by a hallow spell.

Church of Saint Andral

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