Dusk Elves


At some point before Strahd von Zarovich’s fall from grace, groups of dusk elves migrated to Barovia. Later, they came to live in other Domains of Dread. Elves of other kinds are much rarer in these benighted lands than in other worlds, which has slightly altered dusk elf culture here. They are still appropriately suspicious and fearful for dwelling in such haunted places, but the fact of their existence is not a total secret, though their racial enclaves are still guarded with deadly secrecy.

Dusk elves trapped in the Land of Mists feel a sense of kinship with local humans, whose frightened paranoia mirrors their own. In fact, such dusk elf colonies will even engage in trade with humans living in the same Domain of Dread. Residents of such dusk elf communities are much more likely to venture out to see other lands. Human settlements in some domains, however, practice evil traditions openly, and in such places, dusk elves are just as secretive as usual.

The current leader of the Dusk Elves in Barovia is Kasimir Velikov.

Dusk Elves

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