Violca - Tarokka Reading


The Tempter — This is your card. It reveals what the Land wishes of you. Heed its message. The Land will see you suffer. Fight if you must, it makes no difference. When you are bruised, it ends.

The Torturer — This is the card of battle. When you face the Land heed its words and fortune will go with you. Strike boldly, without hesitation. Your enemy surely shall.

The Rogue — This is a card of places. When you are tested, this is where it happens. Your trial comes in the place of fellowship where the Stranger sings and souls find rest.

The Seer — This card represents love and passion and is the card of the forgotten lover. It reveals the future when the past is brought into light. Love is empty and the Land feels nothing. What was, was. It shall not come again.

The Executioner — This is a card of power from outside. Within it is the ability to reshape Barovia itself. The Land seethes with fury. Death and suffering come. Screams in silent wrath. The end is nigh. Look to Berez and tremble.

The Druid (suite of Glyphs) — This card tells of the Land, and secrets hidden from it. It is too much; the Land cannot abide it.

Violca - Tarokka Reading

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